Jonny, Norway : 2L Toyota Carina 1993 - I have done an acceleration test(in 5th gear), and have found that it really has made even this engine, a lot more powerful. I have written about it here:  http://www.bobistheoilguy.com/forums/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=1664159&#Post1664159 and here:
http://forums.noria.com/eve/forums/a/tpc/f/616604995/m/536101842 ... Anyway, I must tell you that I am really surprised on how well this Nanovit is performing, and this is the best product I have ever tested.
Antonio Grimaldi from Fellbach – Utilization on Bike Daytona 955i: "...my bike has become a beast. Tender coupling, at the low rpm it is as fast as a rocket. Go for it NanoVit..."
Conveyance HAUSE GmbH from Rittersdorf, Utilization on Mercedes Actros – Engine, gear and differential: "…My focus for the utilization were the fuel savings. After the use on my engine, gear and differential I had fuel savings of 11.5 %. (Excerpt from test report)…"
Gabi Bach from Südlohn – Utilization at BMW 3- Engine: „ ...after the utilization I had a reduce of my fuel consumption from 11.5 to 9.6 L/100 km. At this rate the investmet is paying back after only 3,000km, so if NanoVit it is useful up to 150,000 km....“
Josef Tebrügge from Südlohn – Utilization on UNIMOG – Engine and Gear: "....This stuff is worth it – simple coupling, less noise of engine, more output – great !...."
APS "Car Care Service“, Mr. Martschinke from Solingen: „...did the test on different cars. After the utilization, the noise of the engine has been reduced and less fuel consumption. NanoVit is the technology of our future and lives up to its promise...."
Armin Schwarz from Lahnau – Utilization at UNIMOG – Engine & gear: "...a stunning result. For example my fifthgear was damaged and I wanted to change the gear, but thanks to NanoVit I dont need it, because the MOG drives fine now..."
Capasso Gennaro from Stuttgart – Utilization on Bike Ducati Monster 600: "...after use I was impressed, I couln´t believe it. Less engine noise, tender gear changes, I can rev my bike as high as possible. I recommend NanoVit to everyone…"
Taxi entrepreneur Günter Jadasch from Ulm – Utilization - Mercedes 200 CDI – at engine and automatic gearbox: ...a clear contrast – all cylinders increased and the pressure became constant. The engine output has improved. There is less noise of my engine and more output at the lower rpm. Most impressive was the lower fuel consumption...
Forestry Herrmann Graf from Unter Allgäu – Utilization at Cormik IHC, Type 624, 1971 – Engine: "… after the utilization I checked the oil level, but I did not need to fill with new oil, the oil level was constant. With the use of NanoVit I can assimilate 15m³ more wood i.e. 30% than before. I also have fuel savings of 20 %..."
Master Mechanic Jens Schaft from Rudolstadt: "...after the utilization of NanoVit the engine became less noisy, the output improved, the exhaust values-HCvalues are impressive. Warranty a wear protection up to 150,000 km....."
Car factory ATB Berlin Chrysler Motors: "...this product is great, the engine has improved and is more effective and after 700km the oil is still clean. We will recommend the product..."
Martin Ondrus from Eichgraben – Use on Nissan Patrol 3 L – Engine: "...I am satisfied with the additive oil. The engine has less noise, calmer and has improved. I recommend it...."
Michael Westphal from Essen – Utilization on Ford Mondeo – Engine: "...I was sceptic about the product but after the use and 10 % fuel savings i was totally convinced and will recommend this product..."
Dennis Müller from Dortmund – Utilization on Engine: "...after 3-months test I have fuel savings of 13.7 %, that means 1.48 L on 100 km. The car is also less noisy and calmer than before. The car gets renovated...."
Mr. Böttcher from Bad Blankenburg- Utilization on Toyota – Engine: "...I have tested my Toyota Landcruiser. The result was abetter cold start, less noise, faster rpm increase, 10 % fuel savings…"
Conveyance Brinkmann from Bremen - Use at Engine, gear and differential: "..by using NanoVit the performance improved and the fuel consumption was reduced by 15 %.The oil consumption and the emissions have decreased too..."
Samantha, UK : 1.6 Golf - I used the Motor-renovator for cars. I have noticed the engine is quieter and accelerates more smoothly and quickly. Fuel consumption has gone down noticeably especially on my motorway journey to work. I can see the engine is shiny and clean at the top. My car is an automatic and I am going to purchase the Gear Renovator and have it treated next time it goes to the garage. Very pleased with this, thankyou!